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A few words on who we are -

Finez Technologies is a digital marketing and website designers in Angamaly. We are a Kochi based web designing and digital marketing start-up. We believe that a well-designed business website and mobile applications can be the perfect marketing tools for businesses to get a unique recognition in this new era which helps to find out one’s potential audiences. To achieve this, we provide an A to Z IT services, website designing and digital marketing services to all kind of businesses.

Now, let us worry about your online presence as you manage and grow your business!

Being in the digital marketing profession since 2003, website designers of Finez Technologies in Angamaly, we can assure you that we can help you to find the finest of tools to aid in maintaining and boosting your digital presence. Thus reaching out wouldn't be a difficult task anymore. Our promise is not a brag about making your business pop-up as the number one in Google search results, but we offer you a productive business future through SEO marketing and quality content. We strive to attain transparency and stay truthful in relationships with our valuable clients and therefore we deliver what we promise and never promise anything we can't deliver.

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Our Success Stories

Website designers of Finez Technologies, Angamaly, along with its creative team has been helping our clients from around various businesses to reach their goals through media and new marketing strategies that are suitable to our clients distinctive requirements.

We have a dedicated team of expertise for each unique fields. Thereby we make sure that all the needs and procedures of our beneficiaries are met. We make sure that our clients would never have to approach a third party service provider at all, in terms of Marketing, Marketing Strategy Planning, Website Designing, Mobile App Designing or Content Marketing. We believe that our transparency and full involvement would add value and help our clients achieve their business goals to the fullest.

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Why Finez ?

Finez is designed to turn information into knowledge and apply that knowledge most effectively. We are a dynamic start-up with web designer in Angamaly and creative faculties from around. We're still very young, yet experienced which means that everyone who joins now will have a big impact. We provide you with a unique experience; we use the latest and the most hybrid approach and framework to ensure that you are an integral part of the development of your solutions.

Listening First

The secret of our uniqueness is that we listen to our clients’ needs and ideas with utmost clarity and we help them to create and build upon their core concept rather than merely coding. It's based on your needs that we decide the marketing strategies and website designs making our effort totally based on the interest of the client. We thus helps you to polish your ideas and dreams with digital tools.

Meaningful Content

Creating worthy and meaningful content has always been the best way to increase alliances. We focus on writing for the web, and our goal is to convert visitors into customers.

Bespoke Service

No two business websites are the same and they must not be. Your website is a unique face of your business, brand, product or service. So we make unique websites tailor stitched for your business. We will help you to stand out of the crowd, to make your own unique niche.

Creative Design

We don't just make you go digital. We do it with class. We strive to make our works functional and practical, but still look like a piece of art.

Cost Effective

With Finez, you wouldn't be spending money but rather making an investment.
Marketing Strategies and Web Designing that are centred on client's needs makes sure you don't end up spending on unnecessary services.


There's nothing like experience; it was the best teacher that helped us to know what works best for our clients and what doesn't. Years of trial and error has made us evolve and stay updated.

Trustful Communication

We have been specializing in helping organizations identify the methods or solutions that would be ideal for their business through trustful communication.

How We Work

We undertake all kind of digital marketing projects ranging from Mobile Application Development (Android and IOS), Desktop Application Development, Website Designing and Development, Hosting and Maintenance, SEO content writing and so on. Thereby our motto is to make sure that we could be your one stop solution for all your small and large online marketing needs.

What we serve

We Work Closely with you to Design, Build & Run the Systems & Services You Rely On. Transform and innovate. Improve IT operations. Dynamic automation. we can help you get your business into Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. We offer customised mobile applications in Android and IOS platforms to give your users and potential customers a ceaseless friendly experience.

Mobile App Development

At Finez we offer customized mobile applications in Android and IOS platforms so that your potential customers and clients always stay connected with you. We can help you get your apps into Google Play Store and Apple App store

Desktop Application Development

We build Desktop Applications that fits the needs and requirements of your business. You can decide the design and layout of the same to your requirements but we also make sure they're completely functional.

Website Designing & Development

Does your old website look too out-dated?

Or are you planning to create a new Website for your start-up? We got you covered.

Hosting & Maintenance

We’ve managed hundreds of websites ourselves over our careers and we depends on a reliable hosting infrastructure and easy switching from development to live sites. And we make sure your sites have the same support and security.

Live Project Training

Live project is the phase when you finally implement most of the things that you have learnt during your software training. We help students to go through the complete cycle of software development.


To simply put, SEO help your content appear on the first pages of the Google or Bing Search results. We help you to be visible thereby staying along or above your competitors.